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"You two! Qwyvr and I have gone to quite a few of these so-called ‘startup expos’ and yours was the best one I’ve attended.  Too often, the startups walk away feeling unappreciated.  It’s akin to the notion that we just provided the content, the meat of the matter, just so the org that put it on could line their coffers or promote an alternative agenda.  Not true of today’s event and that’s because of you two and the ABA. 

Alpharetta is certainly deserving of all their recent accolades and today proves that it isn’t by accident.  That was a helluva well run event and returned a ton of ROI to the exhibitors.  We had a term in the Navy:  Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone.  It refers to anything that exists just so it can exist, something that could blow away and we’d be better off.  That’s how I feel about most tech and showcase events - not true of yours.  Keep putting the businesses first and you’ll have to triple the size of the hall in a couple years. 

I know that ya’ll will need a 12 day vacation on the backside of that deal.  You deserve it.  Thank you."

- Bryan Sory

"Really nice expo and I am happy a lot of people attended.  Feedback from startups was very positive

Now get some rest!  Y'all did a magnificent job..."

- Dale Sizemore, Voterworz


"Exhibiting at the Alpharetta Business Expo was a key turning point in the launch of my business. The investment to participate has paid for itself many times over with not only new clients, but also connections to invaluable strategic partners. If you are growing your business in Alpharetta, this is must attend event. I look forward to participating for many years to come. "

- Stefanie Sheehan, Mastermind Your Launch

"Thanks to …. the Alpharetta Business Association on another dynamic expo! Made many new connections. The expo floor traffic was strong all day long."

-Gregg Burkhalter

"Great Expo put on by the Alpharetta Business Association. John Ray and the rest of the Association team made this a very successful event. Congratulations!"

- Tom Martin, Proactive Payroll

"Had a great time at the alpharetta business expo. I helped man the booth with a business associate and we were SWAMPED!! It was a good thing both of us were there because we couldn't keep up with the traffic. Will definitely get my own booth next year!"

- Chris LaMorte, Web Chimpy